Monday, November 24, 2008

Dreams: Fragments

I am sometimes saddened by my infrequent posting on the blog. My wit seems to be running low these days. My dreams haven't been as memorable the last month or two, but as I've learned that recording them helps fuel my ability to recall them, here are a couple bits of some more recent hallucinations:

In one dream, I am at a retreat that my local church congregation hosted a couple months ago in a very woodsy area. I am standing just outside my cabin, saying goodbye to my friend Zach as he walks down the ramp away from me. Happy-go-lucky Zach stops quite suddenly and slowly turns to reveal a look of utter shock and horror on his face. His chest appears to be bleeding profusely, as a blood spot begins to grow, but stops once it reaches about 8 inches in length across his pecs. His legs give out and he collapses to the ground, at which point I rush to him and start yelling for help. A lot of the other details are lost to me, but I remember learning that he has a heart condition (which doesn't explain why blood was pouring out of his torso) and he ends up being okay, which is a relief to the girl who sits dutifully at his side until he gets better.

In dream numero dos, I find myself in an awkward relationship with a friend of mine who wants to be more than just friends, but towards whom I have no real romantic sentiment. She, I, Cabeza, our friend David and some other folks whose faces I've forgotten decide to hit up Disneyland, and upon reaching the park I discover that it's gone to pot since the last time I've been there (which was actually last month in real life): mud slicks all over the roads, weeds and overgrown forests all over the park, and even large bodies of water overtaking the establishment. Deciding that a large river rushing through Frontierland isn't a total loss, we opt for a swim. Approaching the bank, we discover that there's already a lot of traffic heading downstream, so someone in our group grabs a rope with some buoys attached and tows it across the width of the river, stopping traffic and giving us adequate space to play. I can remember getting in the water and feeling the slightly-chilly water surround my legs, a girl in the group complaining that it's too cold as I shrug my shoulders in retort. It's shortly after this moment that I'm awakened in real life by my roommate entering the basement/my bedroom where I've been napping and exclaiming, "Holy crap! It's FREEZING in here!" just before turning the corner to see me on my bed. I'm terribly confused by finding myself in a location other than an actual river where I'm supposed to be swimming, and it takes me about five seconds to register what is going on. Apparently my roommate comes around the corner to find me staring quite blankly into space, in such a manner that he's actually concerned about my well-being, but once everything clicks into place in the trusty noggin, we each heave a sigh of relief. I'm not dead.

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